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AZ Repeaters Our Mission and Purpose

AZ Repeaters Our Mission and Purpose

  • The express purpose of this WEB site is to facilitate a useful database of available repeaters in Arizona. It is for informational purposes, and accuracy is dependent upon feedback from the greater Arizona Amateur Radio community. (Questions about frequency coordination are deferred to ARCA.)
  • The motivation for developing this site was initialized when members of the Red Cross radio amateur group expressed a desire for accurate location and coverage maps of repeaters in this state for emergency communications needs. This site is dedicated to satisfying that need.
  • Through the efforts of N7RPZ-SK & KB7AQD, and several other Hams, especially N8DJR , NFPE & KE7EJF ongoing updating and maintenance is performed.
  • Thanks are given to those who contribute to the accuracy of this site. It is intended that your feedback will allow this site to be a valuable resource for the Arizona radio amateur community. Thanks Again!

Our Founders

Thomas Lee Kelley, N7RPZ-SK
Robert Homuth, KB7AQD
Founders of AzRepeaters.Net

We at the Arizona Repeaters Directory
offer our support for our men

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