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AZ Repeaters Statewide 220Mhz (1.25CM)

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (TRBO)- Mototrbo

Frequency Status Location Type Callsign PL-Tone Operations Sponsor/Comments
223.980 Active Peoria Backyard W7DGL 156.7 O,E,PL Low Level, low power
224.020 Active Usery Pass Mtn Top N7TWW 151.4 O,PL FHART
224.060 Active Mt Lemmon Mtn Top KA7LFX 156.7 O,PL,RM,L linked to remote bases on 29.60, 52.525 & 1.294.500
224.080 Active Mingus Mtn. Hill Top KI6FH 156.7 O,E,PL VVARC
224.080 Active Yuma Hill Top W7DIN 88.5 O,A,R,PL Desert Intertie Network
224.100 Active Pinal Pk Mtn Top N7MK 156.7 O,PL FHART
224.240 Active Lake Havasu Backyard KF7X 156.7 O,CA,PL -
224.300 Active Kingman ??? W6DY 107.2 O,PL -
224.560 Active Union Hills Backyard N6IME 67.0 O,E,CA,PL,L Allstar linked
224.600 Active White Tanks Mtn Top KD7TKT 156.7 O,E,PL,L Condor
224.640 OFF LINE Sky Harbor Tall Blg NØFPE 88.5 O,E,PL,L
224.680 Active B of A Mesa Tall Bldg W7ARA 156.7 O,A,PL,L,E ARA
224.840 Active White Tanks Mtn Top KE7JVX 156.7 O,E,PL,L Linked to the Montycopa Linked System
224.880 Active Guadalupe Peak Mtn Top KF6BM 156.7 O,E,L,PL Condor
224.900 Active Shaw Butte Mtn Top W7ARA 156.7 O,A,E,PL,L ARA Linked to 449.525
224.940 Active Clay Springs Grnd Twr K7KQ 156.7 O
224.960 Active Sierra Vista Grnd Twr NØNBH none O,L,E,EL Echolink Node 235978

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