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AZ Repeaters Statewide 50Mhz (6M)

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (TRBO)- Mototrbo

Frequency Status Location Type Callsign PL-Tone Operations Sponsor/comments
51.860 Active Mt. Lemmon Mtn Top ?????? 100.0 O,PL −0.5 offset
51.940 Active Hualapai Mtn. Mtn Top KA6NLS 100.0 O,PL −0.5 offset
52.525 Active Fountain Hills Hill Top WA7VEI CSQ O,S,RM,L Simplex Remote linked from 447.775 on Fountain Hills (FHART )
52.560 Active Mt Union Mtn Top N7NGM 100.0 O,PL,EL −0.5 offset
53.720 Active Mt Lemmon Mtn Top K7LHR 136.5 O,PL −1 MHz very weak in Phoenix

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