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AZ Repeaters Coconino County

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (TRBO)- Mototrbo

Be sure and check the Utah Repeaters List

Frequency Status Location Callsign PL-Tone Operation Sponsor/comments
145.270 Active Morman Mtn KD7IC - O,E KD7IC
145.410 Active Flagstaff K7NAU 151.4 O,PL NAU ARC
146.780 Active Bill Williams Mtn K7NAZ 91.5 O,E,L,PL,IR Bill Williams Mtn Radio Club
146.960 Active Navajo Mtn W7WAC 100.0 O,PL,L GCWA Glen Canyon Wireless Association (Page, AZ)linked with the Utah Intermountain Intertie
146.980 Active Mt Elden W7ARA 162.2 O,E,PL,A ARA SKYWARN
147.140 Active Mt Elden W7ARA 162.2 O,E,PL,L link 147.36 Mt.Ord Rimlink
147.300 Active Jacobs Lake W7NRC None O,L Linked to 146.800 “Snowbird Link Sys” Also listed in Utah VHF Society
147.320 Active Hopi Pt WB6JAA None O,E,L,PL IRLP Node 3735
440.400 Active Flagstaff W7LUX 100.0 O,PL W7LUX
442.075 Unknown? Hopi Pt N7FHQ None O,L,PL -
443.325 Active Forest Lakes W7NAZ 141.3 O,PL,E David Holt
444.575 Unknown? Tuba City KD7KRA 100.0 O,PL -
447.475 Active Forest Lakes W7NAZ 88.5 O,PL,E, YF David Holt
448.475 Active Mt Elden W7ARA 100.0 O,E,A,PL ARA
448.750 Unknown? Navajo Mtn NA7DB None O,E,RM,L Also listed in Utah VHF Society
448.875 Active Mt Elden W7ARA 100.0 O,PL,L,E ARA
449.325 Unknown? Mt Elden NO7AZ 103.5 O,PL,A,E,L HF Link MotoTrbo (Closed)]
449.600 Active Morman Mtn KD7IC 162.2 O,E, PL KD7IC
449.750 Active Bill Williams Mtn K6JSI 123.0 O,PL,L WIN System
449.925 Unknown? Navajo Mtn W7CWI None O Lake Powell Amateur Radio Group / Also listed in Utah VHF Society
927.0750 Active Bill Williams Mtn WB7BYV 218.1 O, PL New

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