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Arizona Repeaters Directory

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These listings are updated almost daily and their main function is to provide an accurate list of Verified Open Active Repeaters for a wide host of reasons like: Emergency Communications and EOC centers to visitors of Arizona and newcomers as well. This list was comprised mostly from the ARCA files and the ARRL Repeater Directory what we have done here is add repeaters that are not listed or coordinated with ARCA or the ARRL and removed all the inactive or “Paper repeaters”. We try our best to keep this list accurate and although every effort is made to stay on top of all these repeaters, some go down and return later and some just go away and do not return. Our biggest contributor to the accuracy of this site is you the users. This web page is very difficult to maintain and requires countless man hours to keep up to date, this is a labor of love for the hobby!

County & Band Listings

La Paz
Maricopa (2m)
Maricopa (70cm)
Pima (2m)
Pima (70cm)
Santa Cruz

. .

Statewide Listings Of Special Bands

Statewide 28MHz(10m)
Statewide 50MHz(6m)
Statewide 220MHz(1.25cm)
Statewide 900MHz(33cm)
Statewide 1200MHz(23cm)

Other Statewide Listings

Statewide Simplex
Statewide Simplex VOIP
Statewide Inactive Repeater Watch List
Yaesu System Fusion
Statewide D-Star

Statewide Linked Systems

Northlink Linked System
Metrolink Linked System
Rimlink Linked System
Phoenix EOC Linked System
EAARS Linked System
Montycopa Linked System
Calzona Link System

Travel Areas Outside Arizona

Southern Utah Repeater Travel Guide
Las Vegas Repeater Travel Guide
California Repeater Travel Guide
New Mexico Repeater Travel Guide

Local ATV System Information By K1ATV

ATV Repeater Systems & Info

Other Repeater Settings

Repeater Shift / Offsets

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