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AZ Repeaters Maricopa County 2M

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (TRBO)- Mototrbo

Frequency Status Location Type Callsign PL-Tone Operation Sponsor/comments
145.190- Active Sky Harbor Tower W7ATV 162.2 O,PL,YF AATV KI7CX No squelchtail
145.210- Active Maricopa Tower WY7H 162.2 O,PL MARA
145.230- Active Phoenix Tower WK7B 94.8 O,PL WK7B
145.270- Active Tempe Building WA2DFI 162.2 O,PL WA2DFI
145.290- Active Gila Bend Tower K7PO 103.5 O,PL Good coverage from I-10 @ Hwy 85 to Gila Bend
145.310- Active Scottsdale Backyard KB6POQ 91.5 O,PL,EL Echolink Node 346428
145.330- Active Mesa Backyard WB7TUJ 114.8 O,E,PL Dapcom Caution! Check for local simplex traffic before use!]
145.430- Active White Tanks Mtn Top N7SKT 100.0 O,E,PL,L Linked to the Montycopa Linked Sysytem
145.450- DOWN Chandler Bldg Twr WW7CPU 162.2 O,E,PL IARC
145.470- DOWN Usery Mtn Top KE7JFH 79.7 O,L,P-25 FHART Mixed mode will do both Analog FM as well as P25
145.490- Active Usery Pass Mtn Top KC7WYD 107.2 O,E,PL N7LOQ RADIO AFICIONADOS DE ARIZONA]]
146.640- Active Chase Twr Sky Scraper W7ARA 162.2 O,A,E,PL ARA
146.660- Active Usery Mtn Top W0NWA 162.2 O,E,PL Now a Fusion repeater Auto/Auto Sponsor WB7TUJ
146.700- Active Phoenix Bldg Twr W7TBC 162.2 O,E,PL,L TBARC John C Lincoln. Linked to 446.15 and 147.04
146.720- Active West Mesa Grain Silo K7DAD 100.0 O,A,PL MARA / Excellent HT coverage!
146.760- Active Scottsdale Airpark Water Tank W7ARA 162.2 O,PL ARA MetroLinkLinked To - Shaw Butte/Mt. Ord/Usery Pass/Daisy Mtn/Mingus Mtn
146.800- Active Phoenix Bldg Twr KD7LYO 100.0 O,E,PL WW7B St. Joesph’s Hospital Sonoran Desert Rptr Grp
146.840- Active Phoenix Building K7ARC 162.2 O,E,PL sponsored by the American Red Cross
146.860- Active Usery Pass Tower W7ARA 162.2 O,PL, ARA MetroLinkLinked to - Scottsdale Airpark/Mt Ord/Shaw Butte/Daisy Mtn/Mingus Mtn
146.940- Active White Tanks Mtn Top W7EX 162.2 O,E,L,PL ARA Calzona Link
146.980- Active Bell Butte Hill Top AI7R 100.0 O,E,A,PL,L AI7R City of Tempe
147.020+ Active So. Mtn Tx / Usery Rx Mtn Top W7BSA 162.2 O,PL,L BSA EP 599 BSA WBFM only Split Rx/Tx sites
147.040+ Active John C. Lincoln Tall Bldg W7TBC 162.2 O,E,PL,L TBARC Linked to 446.15 and 146.70
147.060+ Active Phoenix Tower W7UXZ None O,E THE ARIZONA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Echolink Node:?
147.080+ Active Thompson Pk Mtn Top KG7UN 162.2 O,E,PL,L Skywarn Back Up VHF
147.120+ Active East Mesa Usery WB7TJD 162.2 O,PL,EL Superstition ARC Echolink Node 538499 Linked to 449.600
147.180+ Active Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7UF 162.2 O,E,A,PL,L SARC Linkable to 440.000 Scottsdale Health Care North on Shea
147.240+ Active Shaw Butte Mtn Top W7ARA 162.2 O,A,E,PL,L ARA MetroLink Linked to - Scottsdale Airpark/Mt. Ord/Usery Pass/Daisey Mtn/ Mingus Mtn
147.280+ Active Phoenix Tall Bldg WA7UID 162.2 O,PL MMRG WBFM mode only
147.300+ Active Sun City Bldg Twr NY7S 162.2 O,PL,L WVARC Del Web Hospital Echolink Node 598882
147.320+ DOWN Phx Tower KF7KZK 162.2 O,PL CADXA
147.340+ DOWN Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7MOT 162.2 O,E,L,PL,A MARCA Linked to 442.025 & 927.3875
147.380+ Active White Tanks Mtn Top N7ULY 79.7 O,E,CA,PL,L WB7TUJ Dapcom

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