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AZ Repeaters Maricopa County 70CM

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (YF)-Yaesu Fusion


Frequency Status Location Type Callsign PL-Tone Operation Sponsor/comments
440.000+ Active Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7UF 100.0 O,L,PL SARC Linkable to 147.180 Scottsdale Health Care North on Shea
440.375 Active PHX Metro South Mtn KG7SWK 100.0 O,PL,E FUSION AUTO/AUTO
440.400+ Active Surprise Backyard AE7JG 94.8 O,PL,YF Fusion
440.400+ Active East Mesa Backyard K7DMK 123.0 O,PL,EL,AL ALLSTAR 41267 Echolink Node 240900
440.475+ Active Peoria Backyard KG7IQW 100.0 O,PL,L,AL ALLSTAR
440.475+ Active Tempe Backyard K7DAD no FUSION
440.675+ Active Mesa Backyard N7OKN 107.2 O,PL,AL ALLSTAR 29600
441.100+ Active Pinnacle Pk Hill top WØNWA 103.5 O,PL,RM,IR,EL IRLP Node 4243 Echolink Node 228624 NODES DOWN
441.200+ DOWN So.Phoenix Backyard KB7CGA 77.0 O,PL -
441.625+ Active Scottsdale Water Twr WA7ZZT 100.0 O,PL,L ARA Northlink
441.725+ Active White Tanks Mtn Top W7EX 100.0 O,E,L,PL ARA Calzona
442.025+ Active Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7MOT−34 100.0 O,L,PL MARCA Linked to 147.340 & 927.3875 same site
442.050+ Active Phoenix Tower W7MOT-52 100.0 O,E,PL,A MARCA
442.075+ Active Tonopah Backyard WT9S 123.0 O,PL,IR IRLP Node 3107 Echolink Node 505324 & Allstar Node 41180
442.125+ DOWN South Mtn Mtn Top N7AUW 100.0 O,E,PL,L NorthlinkRepeater Removed
442.200+ Active South Mtn. Mtn Top K7PNX 136.5 O,PL,L City of Phoenix EOC Linked to No. Mtn & Sacaton Pk
442.275+ Active White Tanks Mtn Top W1OQ 100.0 O,E,L,PL WB7EVI
442.375+ Active Tempe Tall Bldg K7TMP 100.0 O,PL City of Tempe - Mixed Mode DMR Capable but not in use
442.525+ Active Anthem Backyard W6PAT 114.8 O,E,PL Anthem ARC Low Power Local Coverage Only!
442.550+ Active South Mtn. Mtn Top WA7ZZT 100.0 O,E,PL WSRG
442.675+ Active Phoenix Bldg Twr WW7B 123.0 O,E,PL St Joesph Hospital
442.800+ DOWN South Mtn Mtn Top KX7KW 100.0 O,E,PL SKYWARN;
442.850+ Active Shaw Butte Mtn Top W7ARA 100.0 O,E,PL ARA Linked to RimLink Mt Ord/Pinal Peak/Mt. Elden/Greens Peak/Smith Peak/Mingus Mtn
442.900+ Active So Mtn Mtn Top W7ZAA 100.0 O,PL AE7JG UBER drivers galore!! FUSION sometimes.
442.925+ Active White Tanks Mtn Top N7SKT 100.0 O,E,PL,L Linked to the Montycopa Linked System
442.975+ Active Chandler Bldg. W7MOT 100.0 O,PL Chandler regional HospitalMARCA
443.050+ Active South Mtn Mtn Top W7MOT-21 100.0 O,E,PL MARCA Temporary SKYWARN
443.125+ Active Tempe Local Bldg Twr WD8MHM 100.0 O,PL Local Coverage
443.150+ Active Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7MOT 100.0 O,L,PL,YF MARCA
444.275+ Active Chandler Tower KE7JVX 100.0 O,L,PL,AS,EL Linked to the Montycopa Linked System
444.300+ Active Chase Twr Skyscraper W7ARA 100.0 O,E,PL,IR ARA IRLP Node 7620 Echolink node 474525
444.825 Active PHX Metro South Mtn AJ7T 100.0 O,PL,E EVECG backup
445.900- Active Scottsdale Backyard KB6POQ 91.5 O,PL,EL Echolink Node 346428 Linked to 145.310-PL-91.5 same site
446.150- Active White Tank Mtn Top W7TBC 100.0 O,E,PL TBARC Now on the east peak of White Tank Mtn
446.225- Down Phoenix Tall Bldg WA7MKS 114.8 O,PL Maryvale Hospital
446.400- Active White Tanks Mtn Top W7GDY 100.0 O,E,R,PL,EL TriCity ARA City of Goodyear Echolink Node 531237
446.525- Active Cave Creek Backyard W5VXJ 100.0 O,PL Local coverage only
446.550- Active Goodyear Backyard KD7YAT 100.0 O,PL,AL Linked to the Montycopa Linked System
446.575- Active Mesa Backyard KF7RTS 141.3 O,PL Backyard
446.600- Active Glendale Backyard KF6QBW 103.5 O,PL,AL,IR AllStar Node 28839 IRLP Node 3911
446.600- Active Queen Creek Backyard N2QOJ 136.5 O,PL,E Bruce Barnes
446.675- Active White Tanks Mtn Top KC7FP 146.2 O,PL Echolink node 275523. Back up repeater for the Maricopa County New Ham Operator Net.
447.100- DELETED Twin Knolls Mtn Top K7PNX 136.5 O,PL,L City of Phoneix EOC Linked to So. Mtn & Sacaton Pk STATUS UNKNOWN
447.400- Active Glendale Tower KD7HJN 100.0 O,PL
447.425- Active Usery Mtn Top KC7WYD 107.2 O,PL,EL ECHOLINK Node..467435
447.475- Active Chandler Tower W7FSL 100.0 O,PL, Fusion Freescale Amateur Radio Society
447.500- Active Chandler Tower WB5DYG 100.0 O,PL (Chandler CERT) WB5DYG Repeater System NO “ragchewing” please CERT use only
447.575- Active Glendale Backyard KC7GHT 151.4 O,E,L,RM,EL,IR Simplex Link 147.460 same PL IRLP Node 3820 Echolink Node 173098
447.650- Active Usery Pass Mtn Top W7SGK 186.2 O,PL,L,IR,EL IRLP Node 3797 Echolink Node 537741 All nodes Down
447.750- Active Bell Butte Hill Top AI7R 100.0 O,E,PL,L City of Tempe
447.775- Active Fountain Hills Tower KE7JFH 110.9 O,PL,L FHART
447.950- Active Glendale Backyard N7TWB 100.0 O,PL IRLP node 7460
448.000- Active White Tanks Mtn Top N8NQP 123.0 O,PL,YF System Fusion Dual Mode
448.075- Active Tolleson Backyard KC9AJY 100.0 O,PL,L,IR Win System IRLP Node 3423
448.100 Active Scottsdale Gnd Tower N9EIV 100.0 O,PL,E William Kouchis Fusion Auto/Auto wiresX
448.275- Active East Mesa Usery Pass WB7TJD 100.0 O,PL Superstition ARC
448.375- Active Daisy Mtn. Grnd Twr W7ARA 100.0 O,E,PL Part of the MetroLink system At temporary low level location
448.450- DOWN Chandler Grnd Twr NØFPE 136.5 O,E,PL Coverage Map
448.725- Active Usery Mtn Top KE7JFH 110.9 O,PL,P-25 FHART NAC code 293 (Dual Mode)
448.800- Active Usery Mtn Top W7BSA 100.0 O,PL,L BSA EP 599
448.825- Active Thompson Pk Mtn Top W7IFH 100.0 O,E,PL,L
448.850- Active Far North Mtn. Mtn Top K7PNX 136.5 O,PL,L City of Phoneix EOC Linked to So. Mtn & Sacaton Pk
448.950- Active Chandler Tower WW7CPU 100.0 O,E,PL,IR IRLP Node 5430
449.025- Active North Mtn. Mtn Top K7PNX 136.5 O,PL,L City of Phoneix EOC Linked to So. Mtn & Sacaton Pk
449.100- Active Usery Pass Tower W7ARA 100.0 O,PL ARA
449.325- Active San Tan Valley Tower N7DJZ 100.0 O,PL WB7TUJ
449.375- Active Mesa Tower K7DAD 100.0 O,L,PL M.A.R.A.
449.425- Active Scottsdale Backyard KØNL 100.0 O,PL,YF IRLP Node 7570 Fusion
449.450- DELETED White Tnk Mtn. Mtn Top K7PNX 136.5 O,PL,L City of Phoneix EOC Linked to So. Mtn & Sacaton Pk STATUS UNKNOWN
449.475- Active Queen Creek Backyard KF6EZT 136.5 O,E,PL,EL QCECT Echolink Node 185734 FUSION AUTO
449.525- Active Shaw Butte Mtn Top W7ARA 100.0 O,A,E,PL,L ARA Linked to 224.900 same site
449.550- Active Mesa Backyard KA7ZEM 100.0 O,PL,L,CA Win System
449.550- Active Aguila Grnd Tower AA7HC O, YF FUSION
449.575- Active Glendale Backyard KB7OBJ 100.0 O,PL,L,E,CA
449.600- Active East Mesa Grd Tower WB7TJD 100.0 O,PL Superstition ARC
449.625- Active Mesa Tall Bldg W7ARA 100.0 O,E,PL,L A ARA linked to 224.680 same site
449.650- Active Scottsdale Tower N7KEG 107.2 O,PL
449.800- Active Sun City Tall Bldg W7JHQ 100.0 O,E,PL,A WVARC
449.800- Active Gilbert Tall Bldg KG7VIJ 146.2 O,E,PL S.E.V.E.N.

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