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AZ Repeaters Montycopa Linked System

The Montycopa Linked System is a joint linked system of repeaters connected via the Allstar VOIP protocol across Arizona from the west in Goodyear to the east in Chandler and southeast Casa Grande then northwest to Kingman

Current Repeaters for Montycopa Link System Kingman link repeaters linked full time Montycopa repeaters linked full time All repeaters linkable on demand

Frequency Status Location Callsign PL-Tone Comments
145.430 Active White Tanks N7SKT 100.0 Allstar Node 27168 Kingman Link
224.840 Active White Tanks KE7JVX 156.7 Allstar Node 28182 Montycopa Link
224.920 Active Chandler KE7JVX 156.7 Allstar Node 27607 Montycopa Link
442.925 Active White Tanks N7SKT 100.0 Allstar Node 28189 Montycopa Link
443.175 Active Kingman WA7I 156.7 Allstar Node 28137 Kingman Link
444.275 Active Mesa KE7JVX 100.0 Allstar Node 27092 Montycopa Link
446.550 Active Buckeye KD7YAT 100.0 Allstar Node 27016 Stand Alone
448.250 DOWN Kingman N7SKO 131.8 Allstar Node 29621 Kingman Link
927.025 Active White Tanks KE7JVX 151.4 Allstar Node 27044 Stand Alone

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