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AZ Repeaters Northlink Linked System

“Northlink” is a linked UHF repeater system covering the state all the way into the valley and North to Flagstaff. Sponsors and system maintenance is comprised of several local clubs and repeater owners along with site owners / managers the ARA host a few sites and allows the system to be linked into their repeaters, ARA participates in, but does not outright own this system as a whole

This system isn’t what it used to be back in it’s glory days you could drive in from the California border using Smith Peak and route you QSO all the way to the Navajo Nation up north and everywhere in between. White Tanks alone had such great coverage you could use it in Apache Junction / East Mesa then switch to Mt. Ord, heck folks in the Nevada deserts could get into Towers Mtn on a good day. Its sad to see the decline in participation but it’s also very understandable why and it’s reasonable to say expected as well with interests in the hobby moderate and costs of everything rising it’s amazing the links were maintained for as long as they were. Through their generosity the link owners maintained the NorthLink system very well by their generous donations of time, technical ability, personal finance, and countless man hours, all done by numerous unspoken individuals keeping the links connected like a well oiled machine somehow surviving multiple storms and wildfires. A very well deserved Thank You to all of those who worked so hard to keep what was and what remains today of North Link System.

Frequency Status Location Callsign PL-Tone Last Verified Sponsor/comments
441.625+ Active Scottsdale Airpark WA7ZZT 100.0 3/2016 ARA
442.125+ Active South Mtn N7AUW 100.0 3/2016 Northlink
449.175- Active Towers Mtn WB7EVI 100.0 3/2016 Northlink (Link Hub)
927.1625- Active Scottsdale Airpark WA7ZZT 151.4 3/2016 ARA

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