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AZ Repeaters Statewide Repeater Watch List

Listed here are repeaters from all over the state that have not been verified or may not even exist?

This list was comprised mostly from the ARCA files and the ARRL Repeater Directory. The purpose of this list is to help users of these and other directories find Active Repeaters and avoid the frustration of non-active or “Paper Repeaters” This is an ongoing work in progress we send out emails to site owners, trustee’s, repeater owners and hams local to these listed repeaters all over the state to try and help verify activity on them. Hams regularly re-check these repeaters for activity and should they become active again we will pull them from here and place them back in the appropriate listing. You can help as you read this now, you can try to verify the repeaters listed here closest to your current location.

PAPER REPEATERS or “Warehouse Repeaters Frequencies”(repeaters which, although listed on paper, are not operational).

These repeaters listed here are currently on the coordinator list, when they are removed from the ARCA files they will disappear from this list as well. If you would like to have one of these pairs and your system setup and geographic location is within the coordination guidelines to best use the the scarce spectrum you should ask the coordinators for one of these pairs labeled “Paper”and challenge the current frequency holder prove a working system exists! For more information read the

ARCA Policies regarding Paper Repeaters

Frequency Location Callsign PL-Tone Comments
145.170 Tucson KDVH ? No data?
145.390 Prescott KC7TIL - Paper Repeater
146.940 Golden Valley K7MCH 123.0 Unknown?
147.100 Mt. Lemmon KC0LL 100.0 Unknown? This might be at normal operating levels and working property by now.
224.140 Dolan Springs WA7ICI - Unknown?
224.200 Tempe WA2DFI - Paper Repeater
224.400 Tempe WA2DFI - Paper Repeater
224.780 Prescott KJ7DX - Paper Repeater
224.940 Clay Springs N7KQ - Unknown?
224.960 Goodyear KF6LCC none Paper Repeater
441.750 Tucson K7PCC - Unknown?
442.550 So. Mtn WA7ZZT 100.0 Paper Repeater
442.975 Chandler W7MOT−12 100.0 Paper Repeater This frequency is used by the club for testing and a low powered repeater test in Payson, basically their own personal test pair.
443.050 Prescott Valley WB6ALS 136.5 Paper Repeater
446.825 Casa Grande KJ7YM 88.5 Paper Repeater Larry might have repaired his damaged machine, this is worth checking on.
447.100 Twin Knolls K7PNX 136.5 Pending?
447.400 Squaw Peak KB7EDI 100.0 Unknown?
448.500 Elgin K6RCK - No data?
448.925 Chandler N7SCE 123.0 Paper Repeater This had a nice repeater system years ago but it disappeared and has never returned
449.450 White Tnk Mtn. K7PNX 136.5 Pending?
927.2625 Mingus Mtn WA7JC 141.3 Paper Repeater
927.2875 Greens Pk N9CZV 151.4 Paper Repeater Dave said he has no repeaters in AZ! / Repeaters are reported stolen by owner
927.3125 Mt Lemmon N7OEM 606 Unknown?
927.3375 Porter Mtn N9CZV 151.4 Paper Repeater Dave said he has no repeaters in AZ! / Repeaters are reported stolen by owner
927.4375 Lake Havasu K7GDM 532 Paper Repeater

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